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1300 472 866

Dr Sally Osborne

Dr Sally Osborne (Consultant Psychiatrist) is a general adult psychiatrist.

“I work part time in a metropolitan public clinic as well as offering Telehealth consultations. I have experience and expertise in treating the full range of psychiatric disorders seen in the adult population. I trained in the UK, Spain, Switzerland and Australia. In Australia I have worked in both regional and remote areas and with the Indigenous population.

Ideologically I am committed to providing a holistic, person-centred approach, viewing the individual in their familial, social and cultural environment. Whilst being skilled with the pharmacological treatments of mental illness, I do not focus on this alone, and consider psychological and lifestyle factors to be very important in an individual’s recovery. I work within the self-management paradigm, encouraging the individual (and when relevant their families and carers) to collaborate in all treatment decisions.”