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Zoe Leavitt

18+ years

Zoe Leavitt is a Counselling Psychologist with over 25 years’ experience in the profession. Zoe works from an informed perspective, incorporating psychological science and holistic modalities.
Specialties: Mind/body connection, Anxiety, Depression, Drug and alcohol, Employment and career, Chronic illness, Fertility, Body image/self-esteem, Gut psychology (including IBS & IBD), Oncology psychology and Gynaecological psychology.

Approaches: Zoe has a particular interest in supporting women across the lifespan. Women face many challenges from navigating multiple roles, parenting, menopause, and ageing parents. Zoe also has a particular interest in Mindfulness, EMDR, Breath Awareness and Relaxation and utilises Hypnosis when appropriate.

Zoe Leavitt psychologist