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Seeking a Bulk Billed Mental Health Plan?

Book to see one of our GPs who can assess if you are suitable for a Mental Health Treatment Plan. We will then connect you back into our mental health practitioners to be treated on the plan.

What is the process?

Schedule an appointment with one of our GPs
Through our service GP2U, you can see a GP to discuss your issue and be assessed for a Mental Health Treatment Plan.
What is a Mental Health Treatment Plan?
Part of any effective mental health treatment is the development of a treatment plan. The GP will work with you to determine the best course of action for your situation and then this becomes part of the referral that passes to the Mental Health Practitioner who will see you to help you with the plan.
Get Medicare rebates for up to 10 appointments.
When you are provided with a Mental Health Treatment plan, you are eligible for up to 10 appointment with a Mental Health Practitioner. These consults are eligible for a Medicare Rebate.

Make an appointment to seek a Mental Health Plan1