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Seeking a mental health treatment plan?
Book to see one of our GPs through GP2U, who can assess you for a mental health treatment plan. We will then connect you back into our mental health practitioners to start your journey.
How do I get a Mental Health Treatment Plan?

Mental Health Treatment Plan

An essential part of any mental health treatment is the development of a treatment plan. Your GP will work with you to determine the best course of action and then may provide a mental health treatment plan to which a Medicare rebate is available*.

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If you don’t have a regular GP you can request an appointment with one of our GPs at GP2U

Access Medicare Benefits

You are eligible for a Medicare rebate for up to 10 sessions per calendar year with a Mental Health Treatment Plan providing you have not received one in the last 12 months. If a Mental Health Treatment Plan has been provided, you will need to seek approval to proceed with the plan from your GP after the initial 6 sessions.  For further information, please refer to the Medicare website to determine your eligibility or call us on 1300 472 866.

*only one mental healthcare plan per calendar year is subject to a Medicare rebate. 

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