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Elida Assenheimer

General Psychologist

Grad Dip Psy

40 years +

Elida is a General Psychologist with a GP background. She focuses on health psychology and neuroscience as much as the treatment approach. Elida also has a degree in Psychoanalytical studies and education, so Psychoeducation is an important part of her approach.

Elida Psychotherapeitic approach (after almost 40 years in the health field) includes principles of Jung, Adler and Viktor Frankl, her approach is all about empowerment, personal growth for building resilience, personal growth for inner fulfilment and integration with people.

Main interests are:

•Panic disorder
• Life transitions
• Grief & loss
• Stress management
• anxiety disorders
• Depression
• Military personnel and Police
• Substance abuse
• Couples therapy
• Domestic Violence
• Workplace Bullying/Harassment
• Chronic illness as part of health Psychology
• Relationship problems
• Social skills
• Student issues and educational skills