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Enhance Mental Health Care with In-Person Consultations in Hobart
Prefer in-person sessions and are located in Hobart? Choose our Hobart location for your therapy sessions.

Reduce your fees

Manage expenses by obtaining a mental health care plan from a GP, accessing Medicare rebates for specialist sessions, supporting financial well-being.

Quality Mental Health Care

Delivering unparalleled quality in mental health since 2011, our esteemed team of psychologists and psychiatrists offer expert care. With a focus on personalised treatment, we ensure top-tier counselling and therapies for lasting well-being

Accessible & Secure

Wherever you are in Australia, our services reach you conveniently through our user-friendly video platform, maintaining a personal touch while prioritising security and confidentiality. Experience seamless, secure, and personalised mental health support, tailored to your needs

Timely access to care

Expect us to schedule your appointment within 24 hours. Avoid the long wait time get tailored mental health care in a week, saving time and money on travel.

Meet the professionals

Experience convenient and confidential Mental Health sessions from the comfort of your own home

In Hobart and prefer in-person care?

Quality Mental Health Care

Our telehealth consultation service allows you to access professional mental health care conveniently from the comfort of your own home. With our team of experienced Psychologists and Psychiatrists, you can receive the support you need without the hassle of travelling to a clinic.
Psych2U can provide help in (or with) the treatment of:
Anxiety & depression
Medico-legal reports
GP management plans