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Sheenah Turnbull

My aim is to work with compassion and understanding to bring about the difference in your life that you are aiming for.Counselling with children, young people, adults, couples and families.Evidence based therapies in response to emotional, mental, relational and familial concerns.

I have been working as a counsellor and psychologist for over 25 years now.  I have been fortunate enough to work in urban and rural and remote communities.  Working both in private practice and in organisations (both government and non-government).

I enjoy working with people from urban, rural and remote areas.

I have worked within schools and in consultation with schools, so one area of expertise is with children and adolescents.  As always working with children and adolescents wherever possible necessitates working with the significant adults in their life – parents and teachers, and can involve families too.

In the course of my career, I have found myself working with traumatised populations : veterans,  refugees,  families and individuals with post traumatic stress.  I have worked multi-culturally both within government and non-government organisations with refugees and with immigrants – this has afforded me a breadth of perspective for which I am grateful.

Typically clients come for issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, relationships, attachment, family conflict and change, adjustment to life changes, trauma, grief and loss.

I began my training in group psychotherapy.  Then progressed to university training and degrees.  I have a strong commitment to ongoing learning.  My most recent studies includes family constellations and the neuroscience of attachment, relationships, and the somatic (the body) and familial healing pathways.